Laura Sully

Singer*Songwriter*Worship Leader

New Year, New Site, New Album!


Welcome to my blog!!! :) Can you tell I'm excited? I've been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now, but hesitated because I really don't want to clog up your brain with just ONE MORE THING to read on social media. So, my goal for this blog is that it will be only quality content! I'll either be posting exciting news/updates on my music happenings, well thought out thoughts, or all things wholeistic health inspiration. 

SO, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am just stoked to have my website up and running and to be well into the promotion of my current EP, Return to Beauty(now available on iTunes) at the first of a new year. If you haven't bought it yet, please do! If you HAVE bought it, please head on over to iTunes and write a review and share, share, share! I rely heavily on YOU to help me spread the WORD through my music ! :) 



Hope you enjoy the rest of the site! Stay tuned for new dates, concerts and content!


Laura ~